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Hi Ho Silver! (World History in 3:33) WHEW!

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World History

Holt, Rinehart and Winston


Curriculum for Mr. Peel’s


6th Grade Social Studies

Peacock Middle School

www.SchoolNotes.com (60143)



Ch. 1 Uncovering the Past

1. Studying History

2. Studying Geography

Skills – Specialized Vocabulary of History, Recognizing Bias.

Ch. 2 The Stone Ages and Early Cultures

1. The First People

2. Early Human Migration

3. Beginnings of Agriculture

Skills – Chronological Order, Identifying Central Issues.

Ch. 3 Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent

1. Geography of the Fertile Crescent

2. The Rise of Sumer

3. Sumerian Achievements

4. Later Peoples of the Fertile Crescent

Skills – Main Ideas in Social Studies, Interpreting Physical Maps

Ch. 4 Ancient Egypt and Kush

1. Geography and Ancient Egypt

2. The Old Kingdom

3. The Middle and New Kingdoms

4. Egyptian Achievements

5. Ancient Kush

Skills – Causes and Effects in History,

Assessing Primary and Secondary Sources

Ch. 5 Ancient India

1. Geography of Early India

2. Origins of Hinduism

3. Origins of Buddhism

4. Indian Empires

5. Indian Achievements

Skills – Inferences about History, Interpreting Diagrams

Ch. 6 Ancient China

1. Geography and Early China

2. The Zhou Dynasty and New Ideas

3. The Qin Dynasty

4. The Han Dynasty

5. Han Contacts with Other Cultures

Skills – Summarizing Historical Texts,

Conducting Internet Research

Ch. 7 The Hebrews and Judaism

1. The Early Hebrews

2. Jewish Beliefs and Texts

3. Judaism over the Centuries

Skills – Facts and Opinions about the Past,

Identifying Short- and Long-Term Effects

Ch. 8 Ancient Greece

1. Geography and Early Greeks

2. Government in Athens

3. Greek Mythology and Literature

Skills – Greek Word Origins, Analyzing Costs and Benefits

Ch. 9 The Greek World

1. Greece and Persia

2. Sparta and Athens

3. Alexander the Great

4. Greek Achievements

Skills – Comparing and Contrasting Historical Facts,

Interpreting Charts and Tables

Ch. 10 The Roman World

1. Geography and the Rise of Rome

2. Government and Society

3. The Late Republic

Skills – Outlining and History, Interpreting Culture Maps

Ch. 11 Rome and Christianity

1. From Republic to Empire

2. The Roman Empire and Religion

3. The End of the Empire

Skills – Online Research, Interpreting Time Lines

Ch. 12 The Islamic World

1. The Roots of Islam

2. Islamic Beliefs and Practices

3. Islamic Empires

4. Cultural Achievements

Skills – Questioning, Understanding Historical Context

Ch. 13 Early African Civilizations

1. Geography and Early Africa

2. The Empire of Ghana

3. Later Empires

4. Historical and Artistic Traditions

Skills – Organization of Facts and Information,

Interpreting Political Maps

Class Rules:

1. Be Prompt – Make sure that you are seated in the classroom with all needed supplies, listed on the board, ready to begin each lesson.

2. Be Prepared – Come to class prepared with assignment notebook, spiral notebook, pens, pencils, and homework.

3. Be Polite – Treat everyone with respect and fairness.


Grading - Homework & Quizzes 20-25%, Tests 50-60%, Worksheets 20-25%

Peel’s Principles: 1. Respect Yourself 2. Respect Other People 3. Respect Other People’s Property.

Last modified: Monday, July 28, 2014

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